Brew Moon Charity Application

Charity Applications are open through April 31 for Brew Moon 2024

Structure of Program:

  • Applying charities are required to meet the selection criteria

Applications will be accepted on-line through this website until April 31!

  • Of the applications that meet criteria, our selection committee will review applications and announce the charity(s) June 8, 2020.

Charity Selection Criteria:

  • Charity is located within Lyons Township
  • Large percentage of funds go directly to service or research (we use the federal guideline of administrative cost being less than or equal to 20% as a basis for evaluation)
  • Ability to provide Brew Moon committee with information, connections for sponsorship and/or promote ticket sales
  • Provide 1 volunteer from your organization to serve on Brew Moon committee
  • Ability to provide Brew Moon Committee with 10 volunteers for day of event
  • Designated as a 501(c)3 and in good standing

    Name of Charity*

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    Charity Web Address*

    Charity Mailing Address*

    Our criteria requires a local connection. Please provide information about the population you serve, including both age and location. *

    Do members of the local community benefit directly from your services? Please explain. *

    What specifically would monies raised support? *

    A 501(c)3 designation is one criterion. Do you currently have designation you could supply on request? *

    What is your approximate annual budget? *

    What percentage of your budget is allocated to administrative costs? *

    How large is your organization locally and/or nationally? *

    Do you contribute to a national organization? *

    Do you receive funds from a national organization? *

    Do you receive funds from United Way? *

    What ability/manpower/connections does your organization have to help us? *